When you are a crow living in Russia, I assume that the winters can be pretty long and brutal.  Well this particular crow has found a way to help make those dreary wintery days a little more exciting by doing a little sledding.

The clever bird grabs what looks like a lid of some sort and proceeds to slide down a snow covered rooftop while standing on the lid.  After sliding down the roof, he promptly flies back to the top - which is definitely the way to go, because walking back up to the top of the hill is always the worst part of sledding.  He then moves on to another side of the roof with much less snow and quickly discovers that sliding down without snow is not near as fun, or effective, so he returns to his original spot and shreds down the roof again.

Toward the end of the video it looks like the crow hears something and gets spooked and flies away, but not without his trusty rooftop snow sled - off to find a new snow covered roof  I imagine (maybe he'll try his skills on  a black diamond roof this time).

As this little fella displays in his internet video debut, crows are actually very smart animals - kind of gives a new meaning to "birdbrain", doesn't it?

Watch the clever crow sled down a rooftop in Russia: