Cereal beer? If you can make Captain Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch happen, sign me up.

I think as a kid, we all ate way too much cereal. The countless varieties we have all tried. I can honestly say though, I have never eaten Wheaties in my life. I have no idea what it tastes like. I imagine something similar to Corn Flakes. All I knew about Wheaties were the athletes that would be on the cover. I actually own a Wheaties Cal Ripken Jr. box, but I never opened it.

Well someone is bringing Wheaties into the beer scene. The beer is being made by the Fulton Brewing Company in Minneapolis. “We were intrigued from the get-go on this idea for many reasons, including that we’re both Minneapolis companies, and that the beer and the cereal both started from the same place in terms of raw ingredients and the same city,” says Ryan Petz, president and co-founder of Fulton.

I think the beer maybe only available in the Minnesota area. If I ever see it at the store, I will  feel obligated to pick up a can. If I do find this in Texas, does that mean I can start my day with a beer now?

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