One bus driver's concern about a regular rider missing the bus resulted in the saving of that passenger's life.

KFDX reports that Lee Sadberry, who has driven a bus in Wichita Falls for 26 years, first knew something wasn't right when Frances Peck missed her normal bus pick-up for church,

She's like clock work. She always calls when she's not going, always calls when you don't pick her up.

Luckily, Frances had just overslept that day, but when Lee found out she missed the bus again the following Tuesday, he was so concerned that he contacted Frances' building manager. The building manager found Frances passed out on the floor and called for an ambulance. At the emergency room, doctors found that Frances was severely dehydrated and fighting an infection.

Frances said she is grateful for the care Lee showed to check on her, noting that if he hadn't, its likely no one would have found her in time.  And while some are hailing Lee as a hero, he doesn't see it that way,

I don't think I'm a hero.  I just thing I'm a Christian. And that's what God tells his people to do, so being concerned for somebody.

[Watch the report from KFDX here]