Attention children of Wichita Falls!  The police are watching you!

And you’ll be glad that they are.  The Wichita Falls Police Department is teaming up with local McDonald’s restaurants to offer free ice cream to kids.  But there is a catch: you have to be caught in the act of doing something.  No, not anything illegal; they want to catch you doing something good.

Get caught being polite, courteous and helpful to family, friends, neighbors, etc..,. And, if an officer catches you in the act, he or she will offer up a coupon for free ice cream cone courtesy of McDonald’s.

With all the negative news lately about interactions between citizens and police, the WFPD and McDonald’s want to do something to interact, particularly with kids, in a positive way.   It’s their way of letting the community know that the police are here to help should they be needed.

Be on the lookout kids and of course, be on your best behavior!