Are you ready for the robots? They're coming!

I recently became aware of a Japanese scientist named Hiroshi Ishiguro who is leading the way in robots that look and act like humans. They're called Geminoids and he recently made one that looks almost exactly like himself.

The Geminoids are a huge leap in robot technology. They mimic human behavior more than any other robotic device to date. They "breathe", blink, twitch, have more than fifty sensors and motors beneath their skin and can be remotely controlled using motion capture systems.

Why did he choose to ... um ... "replicate" ... himself? Who knows? (Who would you replicate? On second thought, don't answer that.)

Is this the future of robotics? Possibly.

Is it just a bit creepy? Absolutely.

Will they rise up against their human creators and take over the world? That remains to be seen.

Was Ridley Scott's film, Blade Runner prophetic? I certainly hope not!

But I really do like that movie!

Dave D.