Now THESE are some vacation photos for the scrapbook!

Back on April 28th, 60-year-old Violet D'Mello of Aberdeen, Scotland was in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on vacation with her husband Archie, and they visited a game reserve.

Violet was in a pen with some cheetahs, who were raised in captivity from birth and were supposed to be safe to pet.  Archie was outside the pen taking photos.

Then, suddenly, the cheetahs snapped.  And since there were children in the pen, Violet stepped in and took one for the team.

And Archie kept taking photos while the cheetahs bit off part of her scalp, punctured her neck, and scratched her all over.

Thankfully, some staff members jumped in and pulled the cheetahs off.  Violet survived, although we can't say the same for her husband later on that night.  She says they told her the cheetahs, "weren't being vicious . . . they were just excited."

And since it all turned out okay, the photos of the attack have been released online.  The petting area of the game reserve has been closed while the park figures out how to keep this from happening again.

Check out the photos of a woman being attached by cheetahs: