When 22-year-old Bronwyn Parker from southern Australia found out her boyfriend was cheating on her...again, she decided to punish him in a pretty insane way.

The last time she caught him cheating she said if he ever did it again, he had to let her burn his junk with her hair straightener, and for some reason he agreed. If you're ever going to back out of a deal, THAT'S the deal to back out of.

But he didn't, and took his pants off.

Apparently the deal was that she got to "tap" his manhood with the hot hair straightener, and if you've ever been burned by a hair straightener, you know that's all it takes. But instead of tapping him with it, she used it to grip both sides of his member and held on for several seconds! Yikes!

He ended up with third-degree burns on both sides of his penis, turning the skin black.

This all happened in December of 2013, but a judge just sentenced Parker to 18 months of probation.

Meanwhile, the victim's doctors say it could take another two years before he's completely healed.  And even then, he'll have some pretty serious scars.