Did you hear that? Maury Povich's head just exploded.

A pretty shocking story has just been made public by 60-year-old Valerie Spruill of Doylestown, Ohio. She says that her husband, who died back in 1998, was also her Father. Spruill says she didn't find out until years after he had died.

Valerie married Percy Spruill without knowing he'd also knocked up her mother when he was 15. Her mother died in 1984 before Percy and Valery got married. Valerie says some of her relatives must've known, but no one ever told her.

Valeria and Percy had three kids together - meaning she is her kids' mother AND their half-sister.

Valerie says that she has no idea if her husband knew that he was her father, she suspects he did, but was afraid to tell her. In 2004, one of her uncles told her the truth. News like that is probably pretty hard to swallow, so Valerie found Percy's comb and used his hair to get a DNA test to prove it. Great idea on her part, but on a side note, who keeps a dead guys hairy come around for six years?!

Now, eight years later, she says she's coming forward to let people know that even if you find yourself in a horrible situation, you can pull through and "lead a good, productive, fulfilling life."

For some reason this story reminds us of this song:

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