Trick or treating is one of the greatest things about childhood. You get to wear a rad costume, you get to go out and explore new parts of the neighborhood, and you get free candy. We sometimes forget that it wouldn't be possible if not for adults being so generous and buying that candy just to make it all happen.

Then there's people like the woman in this video. While generosity makes trick or treating possible, a selfish person like this comes along and ruins it for everyone. According to the YouTube description, here's how it all went down:

Away from home, we left full-sized candy bars outside with a note, "Help yourself but be considerate!" We figured a group of kids would probably end up taking all of the candy at one point during the night, but everyone was really considerate...until this upstanding mother came to save the day.

If you watch the video you see. While kids and even teenagers come up and take one or two candy bars, mom of the year decides to take advantage of this generous family's offer. She takes them all!

Now, we all know that excuses are going to come. Maybe she couldn't afford this and was going to give it to her family. Maybe she genuinely didn't understand. It all comes down to one thing: being selfish. She took advantage of generous people trying to make as many people happy as possible, and instead only thought of herself.

This is why we can't have nice things!