"Once upon a time ..."

We've all been delighted to hear those words as children, and many of us have gone on to read those words to children ourselves, but Fairy Tales are more than just cute stories, they're laced with underlying messages to teach life's lessons.

And that's the idea with Into The Woods running through this weekend at the Wichita Theatre downtown.

Into The Woods takes several well known stories and characters from the Brothers Grimm and brings them to life. Beneath all of the set pieces and costumes are several important questions. What are you willing to do to realize your dreams? Would you compromise your principles and lie? Would you cheat someone? Would you steal?

Real world questions that each of us faces as we leave the safety and shelter of home and go "Into The Woods" of the outside world.

To pull this show off, the Wichita Theatre assembled a 19 person cast made up of some of the best and most polished performers ever to take to their stage, Amy McKinnon plays Little Red Riding Hood, Cameron Hall plays Jack (of the beanstalk fame), Terrace Althouse plays Cinderella, Abbie James plays the Witch, and the list goes on. The end result is arguably one of the best productions that the Wichita Theatre has ever done. I'm not alone in that opinion, click here to read what Don and Sharon Chance wrote in the Times Record News.

Going in, I really had no idea what this show was all about. When I left, I was making mental notes about who I new that absolutely had to see this show.

There are three more performances left, one this Friday and two on Saturday. Click here to go to the Wichita Theatre website for details.

Kudos to Wichita Theatre Producers Dwayne and Lisa Jackson and Lynn Marshall for bringing this great show to our city.

Dave D.