What is the one thing that you must do while at the Sturgis Motorcylce Rally in South Dakota?  Midget bowling of course!

Zac Brown was there over the weekend and he did just that.  Yep, Zac grabbed himself a pint-sized human bowling ball and tried his hand at 'midget bowling' - and he nailed it with a strike!

Now, if this makes your "politically correct" antennae go up you should know that the little person in the video, "Short Sleeve Sampson," told TMZ that he was a willing participant in the event and said that Brown didn't do anything wrong.

Still, we can't help but think of Dwarf Tossing, which is against the law in certain parts of the country.  But Sampson says the difference is that no one is ever tossed into the air and there's little chance anyone will get hurt since the game is played on nothing more than a modified slip and slide.

Watch Zac Brown try his hand at 'midget bowling:'