OK, even without a global pandemic of Biblical proportions this is disturbing. A new study shows that with all of the fuss about wearing masks and not wearing masks and shutting down this business and social distancing that business a full 12% of the people surveyed still don't wash their hands after using a public bathroom.

What? This is basic, simple, common sense in the best of times!

The study was done in Great Britain and involved 2,000 adults. 240 of which are walking around with dirty hands.

There are a few good points to take away from the study, though. Before the whole COVID-19 thing the average participant only washed their hands five times a day, that is now up to eight.

Before the pandemic 45% said they would regularly cough into their hands and not even think about washing them afterward. 30% said the same thing about sneezing. Are you hungry? Only 25% said they would remember to wash their hands in preparation for cooking before the coronavirus went worldwide.

Thankfully more than 80% now say they will wash their hands after coughing or sneezing into them.

Since the pandemic many more people are now washing their hands after using their computers, their phones, shopping in an actual store, or playing with their pets. At least that's something.

Come on, people. We can do better than this. Wearing a mask is a nuisance and not required consistently from area to area, and there are enough who deny its ability to reduce the spread of any type of viral disease that we could spend an entire day debating that topic. But basic personal hygiene? Didn't we learn that in grade school?

I think I'll go wash my hands now.

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