Remember last August and September? When the weirdest thing on anyone's radar was the wild idea to Storm Area 51 in the Nevada desert? Ah, the good old days.

It turns out that the original idea to storm the Air Force Base turned into a pretty cool party in Las Vegas.

The event is now called Alientstock and according to their Facebook event page will be held from September 18th through the 20th this year.

Their event page says you can party it up with Matty Roberts, the guy who started the whole Storm Area 51, They Can't Catch All of Us prank. As a result of his meme going viral last year he was visited by the FBI and warned NOT to actually try to storm the formerly super-secret Air Force base. This year's event will include nightclubs, meet & greets, parties, and probably some naruto running.

You can keep up with developments on this year's Alienstock tour from their Facebook event page or sign up for email notifications from their website, The website has some fun pics from last year's event along with updated information about this year's party.

Whether you've ever seen a UFO or not, whether you've been visited, want to be visited, or you're just curious and looking for something to do to break the monotony of the never ending pandemic, Alienstock 2020 is coming this September to a galaxy near you.

As far as anyone knows, nobody is actually planning on storming Area 51 this year.

At least not officially.

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