Texas is a hard working state. According to a new survey we're not the most hard working state in the U.S. but we are in the top five!

WalletHub has just published the results of a study to determine how hard people work in the various states and some of the information is interesting. For instance, the average American only uses 54% of his Paid Time Off on any given year. That means we give 46% back to the company we work for. Sometimes we're allowed to trade unused time for a bonus check, but frequently it's a use it or lose it situation. Just why we don't use all of our time off is open to debate. Sometimes there's nobody to pick up the slack when we're gone and we're afraid of what we'll come back to, sometimes we don't want to look like slackers and be the first ones let go if business gets slow, sometimes we just forget until the end of the year and there's no time to be away.

According to the study, the average American works 1,780 hours a year. That works out to be about 34 and a quarter hours a week, so it looks like we use some of our PTO. Comparatively, we work about 425 hours a year more than the Germans and 370 hours a year less than our friends in Mexico.

You can see the full study results here, but the top five hardest working states break down this way. 1- North Dakota, 2- Alaska, 3- South Dakota, 4- Texas, 5 - Nebraska. The five least hard working states are 46 - Ohio, 47 - Michigan, 48 - New Mexico, 49 - Rhode Island, and number 50 - West Virginia.

As we wind into fall and winter of 2019, maybe it's time to start planning to use a little more of our vacation time in 2020. It sure sounds better than giving it back to the boss and it might even improve our attitudes.


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