Over the last several months we've seen plenty of long-standing events cancelling due to COVID-19 concerns. Such is not the case for the 41st annual Scotland Sausage Festival.

OK, they are doing things a little bit differently this year but the show will go on.

According to Texoma's Homepage, the annual event will be held this Sunday, February 7th, and will be done as a drive-thru.

People from as far away as Florida have attended this yearly Knights of Columbus event and they weren't about to let the pandemic shut them down. The 2021 Sausage Festival will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in Scotland, Texas, and the local fire department will be helping the organizers direct traffic.

Tents will be set up to handle the payments, then you'll be given your meal to go.

Meals will be sold for $12 each and you can also purchase sausage to take home because you can never have too much Scotland sausage on hand.

The Chiefs and the Buccaneers won't get started until much later in the day so you'll have plenty of time to drive the 20 minutes or so on out to Scotland and load up on sausage first.

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