Don’t you just love Cleveland sports fans?

There’s the rowdy 'Dawg Pound' at Browns games, known for consuming copious amounts of alcohol and raising all kinds of hell.

And then you have the mass burning of LeBron James jerseys after he left Cleveland for Los Angeles.

Of course, one of the most infamous stories in baseball is that of the riot that broke out during 'Ten Cent Beer Night' at the Indians’ game against the Rangers back in 1974, where fans threatened the Rangers players with knives, chains and seats they had ripped from the bleachers.

And now we have three dudes rolling around, throwing punches in the stands during the Indians game on Saturday. They were tumbling down several rows in the nosebleed section to the point where it looked like they might end up going over the rail, before someone stepped in and broke it up.

Keep it classy, Cleveland.

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