Sure teachers have side jobs, but it's not usually something illegal.

Over in McCallen, Texas police finally caught their drug runner they had been looking for. They were shocked to find out it was a middle school teacher. Jorge Ignacio Cavazos taught Spanish during the day and at least once a week was running drugs for a Mexican cartel.

He told police at least once a week he was delivering cocaine for Reynosa-based drug trafficking organization. Drugs would come over in a vehicle with secret compartments. He would meet up with the vehicles and get the drugs out to deliver to a final location. Cavazos is facing conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilos of coke. His bond was posted at $75,000 and he's had to surrender his passport, in addition to giving up his day job at Lincoln Middle School.

Cavazos was a United States citizen and had been a teacher for over twenty years.

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