I know, March seems like forever away, but there's a good reason to look forward to it. After missing most of 2020, the After Hours Artwalk! will be back in downtown Wichita Falls on Thursday, March 3rd.

These casual Thursday evening events are great opportunities to not only see what's going on in downtown Wichita Falls, but to see - and purchase - some great pieces from some of the many talented local artists.

The After Hours Artwalks take place the first Thursday of the month from March through November with a variety of local artists showing their pieces on the sidewalks of downtown. Because it's outside and spread throughout the downtown area there's plenty of opportunity for safe social distancing. You'll find paintings, jewelry, glassworks, and pretty much any kind of art you can think of. There are even buskers singing on the sidewalks outside several of the local shops.

Many of the downtown retailers and restaurants stay open later than usual on Artwalk evenings so there's plenty of opportunity to grab a bite to eat too.

Downtown Wichita Falls Development is looking for participants in the first event for 2021 and has the answers to most of your frequently asked questions online now. There aren't quite as many spots for artists and vendors this year as tables need to be spaced out more due to the ongoing pandemic. Speaking of which, while this event is held outside, remember to wear your masks and keep some personal space between yourself and the other patrons of the arts when you attend this event.

The first After Hours Artwalk! of 2021 will be held Thursday, March 4th in downtown Wichita Falls. Follow them on Facebook for updated information.

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