News broke this morning that Amber Odom McDaniel, the mother of Wilder McDaniel, has turned herself in to the Wichita Falls Police Department on two felony arrest warrants in connection with the death of her son.

This is one of those stories that has captivated the attention of almost everyone in Wichita Falls and keeps getting worse.


Wilder McDaniel was found dead at the home of James Staley III in October of 2018. Staley has since been arrested for Wilder's murder. His case has not gone to trial yet and a fourth judge was recently named to the case after the first three had recused themselves for various reasons.

Over the course of the investigation it seems that Wilder's mother, Amber McDaniel, was keeping secrets from the investigators. According to News Channel 6, McDaniel had apparently deleted messages between herself and Staley and a full factory reset had been done on her phone which would delete all old messages and files. That reset was done back in 2018 and it was only a few months ago that the files were able to be recovered.

It was the recovery of those message, photo, and video files that led to the recent filing of arrest warrants with charges of child endangerment and tampering with evidence against Amber McDaniel.

The recommended bonds for Amber Odom McDaniel's charges are $50,000 and $10,000.

This is a developing story.

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