Whew! That 10 day stretch of winter was really something. The cold, the snow, now we have to deal with the damage done to our streets and roads. And TxDOT is asking for your help in finding the problem areas.

The cold temperatures along with the moisture being pressed into the cracks in the pavement and then freezing are the perfect recipe for potholes and problem areas. TxDOT wants to fix them, but they can't be everywhere at once so they're asking you to let them know where the problems are.


TxDOT Wichita Falls via Facebook
TxDOT Wichita Falls via Facebook

The most common problem right now will be potholes appearing right where your tires would be rolling, but there are other issues they're asking for input on as well.

Is there something on the road that shouldn't be there? Let them know and they'll send a crew out to clear it off.

Did someone slide into a guardrail and do some damage? Give TxDOT the location and they'll replace it.

Is there a malfunctioning stoplight or a traffic sign that's down? Let them know where are they'll get right on it.

TxDOT even wants to know if there's an issue with a sidewalk or bicycle path.

These are the common problems that arise after a round of winter weather and most are easily remedied once the people who fix them know where the problems are.

You can keep up with everything that TxDOT is doing in our area by following TxDOT Wichita Falls' Faceboook page.

So pay attention on your daily routines and when you find a problem on the roads or side streets in your neighborhood, pass it along on TxDOT's Report an Issue page. If it's something that's really urgent, you can always call TxDOT at 1-800-558-9368.

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