You read that headline right.

In what might be the most Florida story of the week, a guy in Oakland Park, Florida was going through a neighbor’s trash when a jogger came along and started sifting through the trash as well.

The jogger decided he wanted a discarded wagon from the heap, but the guy who was there first wouldn’t let him have it.

Of course, that lead to an argument between the two. The jogger ended up taking the wagon and pulling it to his yard.

That’s when the other dude whipped out a sword and started swinging it at the jogger, who refused to let go of the wagon.

The guy finally stopped swinging the sword and left after the jogger pointed at his security camera.

Ultimately, a woman came along and grabbed the wagon and gave the jogger a good cussing along the way.

I think I would of just let the ol' sword-fighter have the damn thing. There's no way I'm risking life and limb over a wagon.

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