Some days are better than other days. And days that involve fudge are the best days of all.

As if we needed any kind of excuse to indulge in the sweet decadence of a big chunk of fudge, today is National Fudge Day.

The origins of this tasty treat are shrouded in mystery, but as the story goes a confectioner was attempting to make caramel but got something wrong, prompting an exclamation of, "Oh, fudge."

Whether or not that's true, we'll gladly indulge our tastebuds with some of this sugary concoction every June 16th anyway. Fudge also has ties back to female scholars of the late 19th and early 20th centuries with students at women's colleges like Vassar, Wellesley, and Smith enthusiastically exchanging recipes between classes and study sessions. One student reportedly made 30 pounds of fudge for the Vassar Senior Auction in 1890.

THIRTY POUNDS of FUDGE! Hopefully it didn't all go to one person.

Some great ways to celebrate National Fudge Day are to swing by your favorite local store - Pecan Shed we're looking at you - and pick some up on your way home, or stretch the day out and whip up a batch of your own favorite family fudge recipe. When it's time to share, just remember who told you about this most special of special days.

While today is National Fudge Day, it's not the only day we celebrate this happy accident. May 12th is Nutty Fudge Day, July 22nd is Penuche Fudge Day, and we celebrate the combination of two things that go together like copy and paste with Peanut Butter Fudge Day on November 20th.

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