What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear Labor Day? Well if you thought "sale" then you are on the same page as me! Labor Day is the perfect time to get some cute end of season clothes and stuff you "need" for next to nothing! I found some of the Best Labor Day Sales in Wichita Falls. Race you to them!

  • Flickr user Steve Rhodes
    Flickr user Steve Rhodes

    Victoria Secret

    Pay attention ladies! Victoria Secret has an awesome Labor Day sale: 7 Pink brand panties for $25.50 and Victoria Secret Fantasies Scents are buy 6 for $35 and get one free! If you have a Victoria Secret card you can get even more Labor Day savings! Nothing makes a girl feel like they're having a great Labor Day like new panties and a lovely scent! 

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    Flickr user techweet


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    Okay, so we got our panties and some clothes. Now we need beauty supplies! Ulta is the go to place for that especially for Labor Day. Print off their coupons to get great savings in stores: $3.50 off $10 and $15 off $75. Plus if you spend $75 they'll give you a free gift! The savings make me feel so pretty!

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    Flickr user morrissey


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    Flickr user bichonsugar

    Pet Smart

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