I don't (usually) wear a tinfoil hat but I do like to keep up with my conspiracy theories. Somehow this one escaped my attention until this afternoon.

There I was, peacefully minding my own business, browsing the internet to see what was going on in the world and this headline jumped out at me. Birds Aren't Real.

Curious, I dove down the rabbit hole to see what was there. Apparently there is a group traveling across the nation to spread the word that the birds we see all around us aren't really birds at all. They're mechanical drones created by the government to keep an eye on us. Of course this all started long before Facebook and Twitter and internet browser history. Basically anything the government wants to know about us today is saved in a digital trail that leads right to our homes.

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Back to the birds thing. The group is traveling the country in a van and holding rallies to let people know what's going on. They were in Springfield, Missouri, the other day and posted this video on their Facebook page.

As you can see, they drew quite a crowd. They also looked like they were having fun so I dug a little deeper and found their website, BirdsArentReal.com.

The website gets pretty deeply into the factual (?) history of how the government systematically eradicated all of the birds from the United States, starting around CIA headquarters because they were tired of having their cars pooped on. I can relate to that. The birds (drones?) hang out in the tree above my driveway and wait for me to finish washing my car, then they start their target practice.

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This apparently all started way back in 1947 and over the years involved Eisenhower, CIA Director Allen Dulles, Boeing Engineering, Area 51 (It's REAL, people! It's REAL!), Richard M. Nixon, and several other presidents right up to today. They spell it all out in their History page and they'd have no reason to fabricate a story like this. They even made a TV commercial back in the '80s to get more people involved in their movement.

I looked for 'Birds Aren't Real' on the Wikipedia site and was told that no page existed. But the video above proves that the movement is a thing, so maybe Wikipedia is on the government's payroll too. So much for citizen journalism.

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To support their movement their website sells everything from Birds Aren't Real stickers and baseball caps to ugly Christmas sweaters. (For yourself? For your creepy relative? I'll leave that to you.)

Somewhere in my in-depth research into the Birds Aren't Real movement I think I ran across a statement that they were actually trying to mock QAnon and other conspiracy theories but by then my head was so full of useless and random bits of information I've lost that documentation.

Bottom line. Birds Aren't Real IS a real movement and you can join it if you like. As to the objects flying about over our heads? Let's just say the jury's still out on that one.

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I'll leave you with this final thought from the Birds Aren't Real website.

"Stay woke, and remember to smile - You're on camera."

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