American Aquarium is kicking off their 'Wolves' tour tonight with a show at the Iron Horse Pub. Before the show, Whit Wright and BJ Barham from the group stopped by the Blake Studios to film another video for Blake Backstage.

American Aquarium's new single, 'Wolves' is impacting radio now. It's the title track from their new album that will be out on February 3rd. The guys say this album is probably the most 'full band' of anything they've ever recorded. Everyone was equally part of each song. Their last album, 'Burn, Flicker, Die' was a big career step for the band and received a lot of acclaim. They say there's definitely similarities with the new album, but that they've grown a lot as a band in the two years since then.

Those two years have been filled with many, many shows.  Bands In Town, the concert tracking app, named them 2014's Hardest Working Band. They tracked 206 shows for the band last year. The band says the funny part is that 2014 actually had less dates than previous years. It's through playing all those shows over the years that the band has been able to establish a loyal fan base across the country.

That fan base is a big part of the new album. 'Wolves' was completely funded by the fans. They say they're very thankful that people believe in the music enough to put their money behind it. All they ask is that people believe in the music enough to buy the album in advance and enough people did to let them record it.

There is one song on the new album that people in Wichita Falls will definitely be interested in hearing. It's called 'Wichita Falls' and BJ says the name came about for a couple of reasons. First of all, the name fit well with the lyrics and second, it was written in a hotel room in Wichita Falls after one of their shows here.

Before leaving to head to the Iron Horse, BJ broke out the guitar for an acoustic version of the new single. Check out the Blake Backstage video of 'Wolves' and be sure to get out to the Iron Horse Pub tonight to see these guys in person. You can get more info about the band at

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