We all know by now how Gwen Stefani feels about her beau, Blake Shelton. If it isn't obvious from her series of smitten social media posts, she made it crystal clear during an April 10 appearance on Ellen, where she told the host that she thinks about marrying Shelton "all the time."

Are those wedding bells ringing in Shelton's head too? Well, as it turns out—yes. But it doesn't sound like he thinks about it exactly all the time.

"I think about it. I don't think it's anytime soon or anything," Shelton told CMT's Cody Alan in an interview prior to Sunday's ACM Awards in Las Vegas. "The more time that goes by, I guess, the closer you'd be getting to that."

Shelton also clarified that he doesn't mind being asked about his much-discussed romantic relationship, taking a practical it-is-what-it-is attitude on the matter. "It's out there, it's in everyone's face," he shrugged.

Shelton would be forgiven for not being able to keep up with Stefani in the dreamy-thoughts department—his girlfriend is notorious for her catalog of lovelorn songs, with many written specifically about her exes. Shelton wrote "Turnin' Me On," off his album Texhoma Shore, for Stefani, but it's a sexy tune that's more appropriate for date night than going to the chapel!

The couple attended the 2018 ACM Awards together on April 15, where Stefani adorably sang along to Shelton's performance of "I Lived It."

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