We can't say we didn't see it coming, but it's sad news just the same. We got word today that the Born & Raised Music Festival scheduled for June 5 - 7 in Pryor, Oklahoma, has been canceled.

Festival organizers say that once this whole coronavirus COVID-19 thing is behind us they'll get hard at work on the 2021 event. That being said, if you've already purchased passes for this year's festival through their official ticket provider, Elevate, you have the option of requesting a full refund or transferring your passes to next year's event. If you have questions you can e-mail them from the Born & Raised website.

Born & Raised Music Festival via Facebook
Born & Raised Music Festival via Facebook

Coronavirus COVID-19 has been the reason for the cancellation of almost all live events this spring and early summer and the only thing we can do is stay safe by staying home as much as we possibly can until the medical community gets things under control and we can return to some semblance of normalcy again. You can keep up to date with the latest developments and announcements on the 2021 event on the Born & Raised Music Festival website or their Facebook page.

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