Brantley Gilbert is the type of guy who's rough and tough on the outside -- he sports tattoos and driving a Harley -- but when fans look at his repertoire of songs, they'll realize that he is so much more than that. Gilbert is a talented songwriter (e.g., Jason Aldean's "Dirt Road Anthem" and singles that go all the way up to three times platinum), a prolific artist (four studio album, two of which have been certified platinum) and a natural entertainer (with several headlining tours under his belt).

There's more to Gilbert than music, too: He's extremely honest about his journey to getting sober. He also has a huge, loving heart that he sometimes wears on his sleeve: Gilbert often gushes about his wife, Amber, and when he discovered his first child would be a boy, he wiped away tears. The "More Than Miles" singer is authentic -- what you see is what you get -- and that's why his fans, collectively dubbed the BG Nation, love him so much.

Click through the photo gallery below to see some of the best live photos of Gilbert -- specifically, keep your eyes open for a photo of him flipping in the air! And if you've never seen Gilbert with his hat off, there's also some evidence that he does, indeed, remove it once in a while:

WATCH: You Think You Know Brantley Gilbert?

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