Bri Fletcher can add "time traveler" to her growing list of skills mastered. With her new music video for "Astronaut," the country singer and songwriter washes her fans and first-timers with glorious, late-'90s nostalgia.

Watch Fletcher's new video for "Astronaut" during this exclusive Taste of Country premiere, and then find the song on all digital streaming platforms when it's officially released on Friday (Feb. 4). Andrew Capra and Elysse Yulo helped the Texan pen a lyric that juxtaposes the innocence of childhood with the responsibilities of being an adult. Kid worries ultimately win out as the preferred stresser. If the lava lamp, VCR player and portable karaoke box don't zap you back in time, home videos of Fletcher as a child will.

"Cause I was flying through the backyard / Now I'm flying through the years," Fletcher sings, before continuing her lilting chorus with, "Still singing at the top of my lungs / Screaming how did I end up here / When did I fall through the clouds, crash into the ground / Start asking more whys than why nots / Can I go back in time when all I had was to decide / Rockstar or astronaut."

A rolling beat favored in nostalgic songs including Miranda Lambert's "Automatic" and more recently Runaway June's "We Were Rich" also pins "Astronaut." The fresh, pop-friendly country sound is in line with other arrangements from the "Everything I'm Not" singer. Fletcher first started teasing this new song with an Instagram picture in January. She followed with a teaser of the video that was met with much anticipation from her followers.

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