Brothers Osborne have even more Skeletons to unearth in 2022. The duo have announced plans to put out a deluxe version of their third studio album, adding three songs for a total listing of 15 tracks.

One of those songs is the Grammy-nominated "Younger Me," which the Brothers put out as a stand-alone song in April. The song was co-written by the group's T.J. and John Osborne, as well as singer-songwriter Kendell Marvel, and it's a tender reflection dedicated to their younger selves, acknowledging that they "made it harder than it had to be" sometimes, but affirming that "Youth ain't wasted on the young / Those trips around the sun / I needed every one."

The song arrived shortly after T.J. publicly came out as gay in a Time feature in early February. He's one of a short list of openly gay country artists to achieve mainstream success; Brooke Eden and Brandy Clark also released music on major record labels after coming out, and another openly gay artist, Lil Nas X, achieved massive grassroots success with his song, "Old Town Road."

"Younger Me" will now find a home on the deluxe edition of Skeletons, along with two more new tracks: "Headstone" and "Midnight Rider's Prayer." The former song is the product of the same songwriting team that wrote "Younger Me," which "Midnight Rider's Prayer" was primarily written by the two band mates and songwriter Paul Moak. Willie Nelson is credited as a writer on that track, too, since the song samples elements of the classic "On the Road Again," with Nelson's blessing.

Not only are the band mates both co-writers on "Midnight Rider's Prayer," but they also recorded the song in John Osborne's home studio and co-produced it.

The deluxe version of Skeletons is due out January 21. It's available for pre-order now.

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