Ask a fisherman and they'll tell you, a bad day fishing beats a good day almost anywhere else.

Well, a young man in Burkburnett had a bad day fishing the other day when someone stole his fishing rod.

The story seems to be that someone in a white car stole the fishing rod of a young fisherman at the pond in Friendship Park. That's theft so the Burkburnett Police Department was notified and they investigated.

Unfortunately, they were unable to track down the ne'er do well who swiped the rod or the rod itself.

So one of the Burkburnett Police Officers simply went out and purchased a new rod for the child. (Ya gotta love that small town attitude.)

As you can see in the photo, everything was smiles when the boy got his new rod and reel.

The child's father took to social media after the theft saying that he hoped the thief "Needed it more than his son did" as his son used fishing as an outlet and that option had now been taken from him. I think I'd have had a few more choice words to say.

I grew up in a town about the size of Burkburnett and love that small town attitude. When bad things happen to good people, other good people will rally to their aid.

Props to the Burkburnett Police Department and this officer in particular for being a shining example of doing what's right.

I'm not sure what the limit is on fish in Friendship Park, but I hope this kid catches it his first time out.

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