Unraveling the Mystery: Ominous Call Linked to Tragic Plane Crash in Texas.

The video below features the real audio of a conversation between a student pilot and his air traffic controllers at Addison Airport in the middle of Dallas, Texas.

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The student was departing in his plane for pattern work. The traffic pattern is a standard flight path followed by aircraft when taking off and landing while maintaining visual contact with the airport.

After his first touch-and-go, he makes a suspicious call on the radio

Touch-and-go Landing

In aviation, there's a touch-and-go landing (TGL) or circuit that pilots often practice when they're learning to fly airplanes with wings that don't move. Here's how it works: the plane lands on the runway, but instead of stopping, it quickly takes off again. After that, the pilot flies in a specific pattern around the airport and does the same thing again.


CXK655 or Career Track 655 is the name of his plane. He states that Career Track 655 is "actually going to depart to the east," and "I'm climbing up through a few clouds and then just gonna head outside of everything..."


Fatal Crash

The pilot then states he will not be listening to any commands and that he'll be turning off and unplugging the radio and heading to East Texas. The video below then follows his radar up until the point where he puts the plane into a nosedive and seemingly crashes it on purpose.

Caution, the video below could be triggering. If you are going through tough times, please, consider all and think of your loved ones. They're here to help. Do not hesitate and contact 988 or whatever number it is in your country.

Check out the video below:

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