You  may have seen the video that went viral recently of students at Texas Tech failing horribly at simple political questions. While they couldn't answer things like "Who won the civil war?" or " Who is the Vice President," they knew all the pop culture answers.

Now, it's time to put Midwestern State students to the test. Students from MWSU Campus Watch found a few students and asked them a series of questions. How do students in Wichita Falls do compared to the students in Lubbock? Watch the video to find out.

The questions they asked were:

  • Name a country that begins with U.
  • Who is the president on the $100 bill?
  • Who is the current vice president?
  • You have six apples.  You take four. How many do you have?
  • Who invented the lightbulb?
  • Name three of the five First Amendment rights.
  • Who is Kim Kardashian married to?
  • Who invented Apple?
  • Who performed at the Super Bowl halftime show?
  • Which weighs more: a pound of bricks, or a pound of feathers?