With all the fuss over who to vote for for president, here's another issue that needs to be addressed. This twice a year disruption in everyone's sleep schedule by changing the clocks from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time and back again has got to go.

As of 2 o'clock (or was it 1 o'clock?) Sunday morning Texas was back on Central Standard Time. While some cheer the extra hour of sleep they got - for one night. Others bemoan the fact that sunset is now 5:40 p.m. and it's completely dark by 6:00.

A recent YouGov report indicated that most of us would like to do away with this twice annual hour exchange and just pick one. For the sake of all things holy, just pick one and stick with it.

If that were the case we'd probably be using the time setting we just changed to as it's the "standard" time of the two.

It may come as some consolation that we Americans are not the only ones fed up with the twice annual ritual. The Guardian reports that the European Parliament just voted to end the foolishness as of 2021.

According to YouGov the good citizens of the United States of America are ready to follow suit. When asked if they would support the idea of the United States eliminating Daylight Saving Time only 14% said "No". 20% said they were "Not Sure" and 65% said, "Yes, I would".

When the question changed to, "Would you like to see Daylight Saving Time extended all year round?" the numbers changed a bit. 24% said "No", 26% weren't sure, and only 50% said "Yes".

Personally, I don't care which we choose, I'm just tired of the foolishness. Our modern 24/7 world has changed so much that the original purpose and benefits of changing the time on our clocks twice a year no longer seems to be relevant or beneficial.

Maybe once we get through this presidential election mess we can get down to some serious business. The business of doing away with these ridiculous time changes.

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