Carrie Underwood stars in a new commercial for Bodyarmor Lyte, a new low-calorie, no-sugar-added iteration of the Bodyarmor brand with whom the country star recently forged a new partnership.

In the ad spot, Underwood proves that a dynamic, all-day workout can last long after a trip to the gym, acting alongside basketball player and longtime Bodyarmor brand partner James Harden.

"Calling it a day, Carrie?" Harden asks at the beginning of the ad, during a scene at the gym where Underwood hops off the pull-up bar and starts packing up to leave.

"Oh no, there's more," she responds.

From there, we see a montage of a typical, hectic day in the life of the country star, following her through more conventional outdoor workouts as well as at-home lunges to pick up children's toys, a high-energy night onstage and more.

"... And I should wrap by midnight," Underwood explains to Harden at the end of the ad.

The singer's partnership with Bodyarmor Lyte is just the latest chapter of her well-documented passion for health and fitness. Underwood even has her own line of women's athletic apparel, Calia by Carrie. She also wrote a book titled Find Your Path about her journey toward fitness and the dietary and exercise plans that have worked for her.

"Partnering with Bodyarmor Lyte was a natural evolution for me, from a personal and professional standpoint," the singer explains. "I'm a firm believer that what you put into your body matters, so the fact Bodyarmor Lyte is made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources is important to me."

She adds that the new partnership is allowing her to further incorporate her passion for wellness into her personal brand.

"While music will always be my first love and priority, I'm so fortunate to have been able to build my passion for health and fitness into a business model and personal brand I can stand behind and be proud of," Underwood continues. "This partnership is an important next step for me and the community I am building, which goes far beyond endorsing a brand."

When it comes to the musical side of her work, Underwood isn't slouching there, either. Hot on the heels of the release of her Christmas album, My Gift, the singer announced plans to release My Savior, a gospel-focused project that is scheduled to come out before Easter.

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