Carrie Underwood and Amazon's Ring teamed up for a new Christmas themed commercial. And Carrie got a new holiday single out of it.

In the new :30 commercial for the Ring Video Doorbell system Carrie is both heard and seen. She's singing 'Favorite Time Of The Year' and the video features her on a snowy sidewalk delivering armfuls of holiday cheer.

While the video looks cool and Christmassy the shoot took place in Van Nuys last June. According to MusebyClio it was shot on an 80 degree day. They did luck out with some cloud cover, but the rest is fake snow and pretending it's Christmas time.

The song in the commercial will even become a new holiday single for Carrie. Of course it will only be available through Amazon Music.

Amazon tells us that last Christmas their subscribers requested holiday music more than 11 million times each day. On a worldwide basis the requests for Christmas music were coming it a a rate of 8,000 per minute. And that was without a global pandemic.

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