Casey Donahew Band is without a doubt one of the most popular acts in Texas today. Case in point, their latest project “Standoff” hit the No. 7 spot on the Country iTunes chart when it was released in April, something that is almost unheard of for an independent band. And their current single "Whiskey Baby" just spent three weeks at No.1. Last week Casey stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! to play music, "Five Questions," and delve deep into team roping.

Hear our interview here:

Donahew's current single "Whiskey Baby" has spent the past three weeks at No. 1 in Texas. The guys released the video for it a month ago. If you've yet to see it, it's quite the bar fightin', damsel savin', rootin' shootin', barrel explodin' video. And Casey does play the good guy and a bad ass in it. Click here to watch it.

"That's how I roll, strapped down, with pistols and rifles, riding horses," Casey laughs.

Although he doesn't actually always roll like that, he said he and the band did thoroughly enjoy making this one. "It was cool, previous videos seemed like work. This one was a little more fun, getting into that whole western Lonesome Dove motif."

If you're like me and didn't know, Donahew dabbles in team roping. In fact he recently suffered an injury and messed up his thumb. "Nobody look at my damaged thumb," said Casey joking about the injury, "I have a Complex!"

But he's actually in pretty deep when it comes to roping. "Me and my bass player, Steve, we've been roping for years. When we get a free Sunday, we'll hit up some US team roping and try to donate some money."

Since Casey was in the studio with us we decided to go deeeeep into an album cut off his new album "Standoff." After some confusion we settled in "Go to Hell," check it out.

Casey's least favorite part of stopping by the show, "Five Questions." Below is his most recent attempt at going five for five here.