Like every country artist, Chris Janson is unable to perform, in person, for fans amid coronavirus lockdown. So he got creative with help from a few friends and one six-string ukulele. Watch the acoustic version of his new single "Done" during this exclusive Taste of Country premiere.

"Done" is the new single from Janson's Real Friends album (2019), behind the chart-topping "Good Vibes." This new version stays true to the recorded version's melody and structure, but Janson and two players sub in acoustic instruments for ones you plug in. The key to this song lies in his vocals. Janson says it's his favorite song that he's ever written, for two reasons.

"It’s finally a tempo love song, which I’m proud of, and secondly, I just love my wife very much," Janson told Taste of Country last fall. "We’re more than just a great married couple. We’re best friends and we work together as well ... I’m still trying to impress my wife every day, man. She’s hot. She could’ve had anybody, but she picked me."

"Done" was inspired by the first time he saw her. It happened at a Nashville pool hall where a still relatively unknown Janson was at the bar drinking when she walked in.

"First time, I was like, 'Done and done, marrying that girl,'" he shared. Marry her he did. The two wed on July 4, 2010.

This acoustic version of "Done" was recorded at the Acuff House in Nashville.

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