Here's some great news for all of you 'green thumb' types. It's time for the City of Wichita Falls' annual compost giveaway.

Any resident who participates in the city's Choose To Reuse program can pick up a free load of compost at the Wichita Falls Organics landfill this Saturday.

The city of Wichita Falls offers a wide variety of alternatives to diverting reusable waste from the city's landfill, including organic collections. These collections are offered to both residential and commercial customers and can accept yard waste such as grass, leaves, and branches; paper products like newspapers, office papers, shredded paper, magazines, phone books, tissue paper, and paper bags; cardboard; chip board; wood; and food waste.

The compost giveaway will be this Saturday, March 6th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Wichita Falls Landfill on Wiley Road. The compost will be loaded for residents by city employees and there is a limit of one pickup truck or 4 by 8 foot trailer per person. In order to pick up a load of compost you must provide a City of Wichita Falls water bill showing the $3.00 recycling program charge.

By state law, all loads must be covered to ensure there is no blowing debris on the roadways so be sure you have a cover with you when you go.

The Wichita Falls City Landfill is at 10984 Wiley Road. Take the Seymour Highway toward Seymour on Highway 258. When you get to the Kamay "Y" follow Highway 258 toward Kamay. After about one mile, turn right onto Wiley Road. The entrance to the landfill is on the left about two miles down Wiley Road.

No dump trucks, commercial vehicles or oversized trailers will be loaded in this compost giveaway. If you would like to make a commercial purchase, contact the Wichita Falls Sanitation Department at 940-761-7977.

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