Have you heard about this new movie, Cats? It's based on the phenomenally popular stage musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and was widely anticipated by movie-going audiences. Sadly, the movie doesn't seem to be living up to it's live theatre predecessor. In fact, it's created quite a stir with people people mocking it as soon as the trailers were released.

Then it seems that the film was so rushed into theaters that Universal had to send out a revised version of the film after only one week to correct several CGI problems.

Then came the reviews. It got a one star rating on Rotten Tomatoes and tons of fan (?) comments. But I think the best synopsis that I've seen yet has come from Rob Merritt. At one point he compares it to one of the campiest movies of all time, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I kid you not -- by now, this audience is treating the movie like Rocky Horror and yelling things at the screen. "Try again!" they shout at Mister Mistoffeles, after his fourth straight attempt at magic fails. And when he finally pulls the magic feat off, the whole theater bursts into applause and hooting.

Rob goes on to say,

At last, the credits. Wait -- "Produced by Amblin Entertainment?" Steven Spielberg ... knew? He knew this movie was happening? And didn't try to stop it?


And yet at the same time, I am strangely impressed by the sheer bollocks that it must have taken to put something this totally bonkers on the screen. For all its faults -- and oh, there are so.many faults -- there is a certain charm.in a movie that waves its freak flag without an ounce of shame.

All of that to say that at one point I was looking forward to seeing the film adaptation of a hugely popular stage musical because I thought it would be good, but now I want to see it because I can't imagine it being as bad as I've heard and want to see for myself.

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