Ever wonder how much crime goes on in your Wichita Falls neighborhood? There's a website that will let you do a search with several filtering options to see what's been reported in your area, or an area you're thinking of moving into, so you'll know how often things happen there.

CrimeMapping.com lets you research an area with filtering options for all reported crimes or only certain types of crimes, time ranges from one day to four weeks or even custom ranges if you know the exact dates you're looking for. Clicking on the icon for any particular crime will show you what the charges were, the incident number and the agency that reported it. If that agency was the Wichita Falls Police Department there's even an option to click through to that website.

Once you're on the website you can simply enter the name of the city, the zip code, or the complete street address if you like. Not all cities are reporting to CrimeMapping.com but Wichita Falls is and it's an interesting snapshot of what's going on in various neighborhoods around town.

Image via CrimeMapping.com
Image via CrimeMapping.com

When I looked at my neighborhood there was only one report over the last four weeks, that sounds pretty good to me as other neighborhoods had multiple incidents pop up.

I can see where this would be a handy tool for people looking at beginning a business enterprise and wanting to know what's being reported in that part of town, or for those looking at buying a new home and curious about the crime rate in that particular neighborhood.

It's also a deep rabbit hole to fall into and you'll find yourself checking not only the neighborhoods you frequent, but those of some of your friends as well.

Hopefully all of those neighborhoods will be as boring as mine turned out to be.

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