Some dude’s in hot water today. And rightfully so.

Just last month, I shared the results of a study that found Dallas and Fort Worth to be the most unfaithful cities in the U.S. Shortly after, a Dallas Uber driver went viral when she shared the story of dropping a cheating husband and his mistress off at his house.

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And now we have a Hooters waitress exposing a guy who secretly passed his phone number off to her while having dinner with someone who appeared to be his girlfriend.

At some point during the meal, the guy wrote his phone number on the wet-nap package and then passed it to the waitress while handing her his tip. The crazy part is that he wrote his number on the package while she was sitting at the table with him because the waitress never saw her get up.

My best guess is that this isn’t the first time the guy has done this sort of thing. It seems to me that he’s had enough practice to figure out how to secretly write his number on something while his girlfriend sits across the table from him.

Unfortunately for ol’ boy, it looks like the jig is up. The video has racked up almost two million views on TikTok alone. Surely at some point, the girlfriend is going to catch wind of it and his day of reckoning will arrive.

And no one will feel the least bit sorry for him.

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