Darius Rucker has signed up to host a monthly golf show on the SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio channel. The monthly talk show, On Par With Darius Rucker, debuted in late July.

An avid golfer himself and a big fan of the sport, Rucker has a single-digit handicap and is ready to share his expertise on and passion for golf with fans. Rucker is friends with big-name players on the PGA circuit, so in addition to discussing his own knowledge of the game, those pals will occasionally stop by to talk about the sport; the "Wagon Wheel" singer will also invite other celebrities from outside of the PGA world to weave star power and golf into one conversation.

“They say that rock stars want to be pro athletes, and pro athletes want to be rock stars, and there is definitely some truth to that,” says Rucker in a press release. “It’s no secret that music and golf are two passions of mine. I’ve been lucky enough to play with and get to know well some of the best golfers on tour. While we’re on the course, I’m looking for swing tips, and all they want to do is talk music. SiriusXM is the perfect place to blend both of those worlds into one show, and I am really excited to get started.”

On Par With Darius Rucker premiered on July 26. The one-hour show will air monthly on PGA Tour Radio, which is available on Sirius channel 208, XM channel 92 and the SiriusXM app.

"The part I'm so excited about it is, you always see golfers with their headphones in hitting balls. I want to know what they're listening to when they're doing that," Rucker tells Rolling Stone. "I want to pick their brains about their music, why they like it and what gets them motivated. It's not 'Why do you play Titleist?' It's 'Why do you listen to AC/DC?'"

Aside from getting ready to host his radio show, Rucker is getting ready to release a new album, When Was the Last Time, in October; he recently shared its second single, “For the First Time.” More information about Rucker, including a list of his upcoming shows, can be found on his official website.

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