We get a new Word of the Year each year, most of the time we don't pay much attention, but this year's word is something we've all come to use far too often.

According to The Guardian, the Collins Dictionary has chosen Lockdown as the 2020 Word of the Year.

Up until this year it's safe to say most of us had not used the word very often, but as we know, this year has been different in oh, so many ways.

Several other options in contention for the 2020 Word of the Year also dealt with our ongoing worldwide battle with coronavirus. In fact, coronavirus was one of those words.

Also in the running this year were words like social distancing, self-isolate, and furlough.

The ongoing COVID-19 situation wasn't the only thing going on this year so words like BLM and Black Lives Matter were also considered. As were words like TikToker: meaning someone who regularly posts things on the social site TikTok, and muckbang: a Korean word for someone who posts a video or webcast in which the host eats a large quantity of food for the entertainment of his or her viewers. I suppose technically one could muckbang on TikTok while social distancing under lockdown and in self-isolation during a coronavirus induced furlough from their job. If one really wanted to.

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