Dierks Bentley turned to social media on Thursday (May 2) to share that his family's beloved dog, George, has died.

Bentley admitted that he had been delaying posting about George dying, saying it made it feel "too formal and final." He shared what his wife, Cassidy, wrote about George, posting in part:

"King George, you wrecked so much havoc, incited so much laughter in so many difficult moments. You reigned in our house and in our hearts for 14 years and right now your absence feels like a hole the size of an entire Dachshund-shaped universe. We are trying to fill that hole with gratitude and with the wildest hope that your spirit has already been reunited with Jake's in what lies beyond."

Bentley and his family lost another longtime companion, Jake, in June of 2016. Jake was almost as famous in fan circles as Bentley himself — he'd been by Bentley's side for countless awards shows and events. Jake even attended the opening of Bentley's Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit in 2016, and he inspired Bentley to write a song called "Can't Be Replaced," which appeared on Bentley's Black album in 2016.

In March of 2017, Bentley shared online that he and his family had adopted a new dog named Patch Adams.

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