You'd think it was Christmas morning and this donkey just got the toy of its dreams the way this critter is carrying on. This little donkey in Greenwood, Arkansas, is as happy as a pig in a peach orchard, a puppy with two tails, a tornado in a trailer park, well, you get the idea. This little donkey is absolutely thrilled with its new toy. Watch and listen as it makes all sorts of strange donkey noises, prances and dances and even gets up on its hind legs and walks around. Who knew donkeys could even do that?

The toy in question is actually a Jolly Ball designed as a play and chew toy for dogs. According to their website it's designed for dogs and is not supposed to deflate when punctured. The donkey in the video has no trouble in deflating it but doesn't really seem to mind. In fact, once deflated the donkey actually seems to enjoy it more and carries this toy and another around at the same time.

When's the last time you were this happy?


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