If you haven't ventured into downtown Wichita Falls lately you're really missing out. Numerous bars, restaurants, galleries, and shops have opened up over the last few years and one of them is throwing its own Surprise 3rd Birthday Party this Saturday.

The Wichita Falls Brewing Company at the corner of 7th and Indiana has been an anchor of activity for almost everything going on in the downtown area and they turning three years old with a party this weekend.

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Even though they're throwing their own party it's being billed as a 'Surprise' so don't tell them.

When you're only three years old and one of those years was completely overshadowed by a worldwide pandemic you have to have an extra special party. This one will feature a pit roasted meal, carnival rides, even a water slide. So be sure to wear something you don't mind getting wet in.

The motto at the Wichita Falls Brewing Company is 'Good People Drink Good Beer' and to make sure there was enough good beer to go around they built a brewery right in the heart of downtown Wichita Falls. They envisioned a place where good people could gather in a family friendly spot, enjoy a good beer, some good company, maybe even eat some good food. That last part proved to be important when bars and breweries were shut down because of the dreaded coronavirus. To keep the doors open the Wichita Falls Brewing Company teamed up with Progress & Provisions to become the Wichita Falls Brewing Craft Kitchen & Brew Pub. It seems to have worked, they're still thriving in an ever growing downtown Wichita Falls scene.

Wichita Falls Brewing Company via Facebook
Wichita Falls Brewing Company via Facebook

The WFBC Big Surprise Birthday Party starts at noon this Saturday (05.15.2021). With carnival rides, a water slide, good beer, good food, and plenty of good friends, it should be a really good time. Bring your lawn chair and join the fun.

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