It's been too long since a lot of us have had one of those donuts. Just have to wait a little bit longer. 

Back in April, we reported to you about where the new Dunkin' Donuts in Wichita Falls would be going. It will be located on Kemp Blvd in between Westgate Drive and Elmwood Avenue. Right near Kocks Liquor store. Construction has begun at the location, but still no word on when the store will be opening.

We have some great local donut shops in town and I do love them as well. However, I have yet to find a donut in Wichita Falls that can compare to Dunkin' Donuts Boston Cream donut. If someone in Wichita Falls can give me that, I would love to try it. I will be going to Dunkin' Donuts when they open just for that item.

Dunkin Donuts Boston Cream
Dunkin Donuts Boston Cream (Andrew Kaszowski via Flickr)

People that have access to Sheppard Air Force Base can already enjoy Dunkin' Donuts. Unfortunately, I do not have access. So those Boston Creams are so close, but so far away for me.

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