This has been a year of unusual events. But I really did not see this one coming. Apparently neither did the driver of the subway car that somehow ended up perched on the tail of a whale statue in the Netherlands.

The incident happened shortly after midnight at the end of the shift. As the cars were being put away for the night they seem to have come in a little hot and ... I guess you could say ... overshot the runway.

Fortunately the overnight parking for the subway cars is above ground and there is an art sculpture of two whale tails at the end of the the parking structure. CNN reports that there were no passengers on the cars at the time and that the operator was not injured.

The parking structure was constructed on a viaduct in an existing park in Rotterdam, Holland, and the local citizens had requested the whale sculptures to make up for the loss of park space. In the 20 years that they've been there this is the first time anyone has parked a subway car on one of them.

Because the parking structure is surrounded on most sides by a pond the task of salvaging the car before it can do any more damage is even more complicated.

Yup. It's 2020 all around the world. It's not every day you see a subway car that's usually underground perched thirty feet in the air on top of a whale tail sculpture.

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