Moo-ving On: The Hilarious Journey of a Texas Cow on the Run.

Bovines in general have been having a pretty good run this week when it comes to getting loose and high-tailing it out of Texas via a highway.

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I wonder if the cow in the video at the bottom of this article was hoping for an Emily the Cow-type situation.


Emily the Cow

In 1995 Emily the cow escaped from a slaughterhouse just minutes before her scheduled turn, wandered for 40 days evading capture, lived for an additional eight years, and eventually received a memorial on her grave.

No Hurry

If the cow in the video below is trying to escape, she doesn't seem like she's in much of a hurry to do so. This thing is moving slower than the OJ Ford Bronco chase. This thing is moving slower than a sloth on a treadmill with a broken leg. This thing is moving slower than a snail in a glue factory. Ok, I'll stop now.

Safe Conclusion

Eventually, the cow’s escapade came to an end. After a series of clever maneuvers and a lot of patience, animal control officers managed to coax the cow into a trailer, bringing its highway adventure to a safe conclusion. The cow was returned to its pasture, no worse for wear but undoubtedly with a tale to tell its fellow herd members.

Check out the video below:


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